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The majority of divorces result in child custody arrangements and overall settlements requiring the payment of child support. In some cases, a party may underestimate the impact of this factor in negotiating a settlement and planning for life after divorce.

At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in Riverside, we offer in-depth knowledge of California family law, including the child support guidelines and the valid reasons for deviating from them. Whether you will pay or receive child support, approaching your divorce with dependable information and reasonable expectations on this issue is very important.

We take the time to evaluate the full financial picture our clients are facing. We understand that many parents of minor children have strong concerns about their finances and keeping food and shelter available for their children after divorce. Our lawyers take the time to evaluate the full financial picture our clients are facing. We can explain all aspects of child support calculations, wage assignments and the overall family law issues that can impact your finances. Moreover, we aggressively fight to protect the financial interests of our clients and their children.

Estimating Your Child Support Obligation Or Expectations

Whether you will pay or receive child support, approaching your divorce with dependable information and reasonable expectations on this issue is very important. Based on information about you and your divorcing spouse’s incomes and the time each parent will spend caring for children, child support attorney Richard K. Isles and our dedicated, professional staff will provide an accurate estimate of the child support order in your case.

In some cases, the special needs of your children or income well above the norm may lead one spouse to seek deviations from the standard child support guidelines and “formula.” Applying decades of experience and top-notch negotiating skill, we can protect your interests and help ensure any deviations are based on fair and accurate information.

Modifications Of Support And Paternity Actions

Our mission when you face divorce is to obtain a fair settlement for you through direct negotiations with an opposing attorney or through litigation. We are equally adept at dealing with post-divorce modifications when circumstances change after divorce, as when you must take or defend against an action to modify child support.

We are equally diligent in handling paternity cases — capably representing the interests of a mother seeking child support or a father seeking answers and the ability to exercise his parental rights. We know the right actions to take and how to proceed as efficiently as possible when either parent resides outside the Riverside-San Bernardino area.

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All our clients receive personal, dedicated attention beginning with a free initial consultation. When you work with our highly professional family law offices, you will not face the frustration of unreturned calls or messages that do not get through to your lawyer. When you have questions or concerns about child support or any other family law issue, we are here for you.

Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce and Legal Separation

Since 1989, the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles has served as a well-respected, full-service family law practice providing solutions and aggressive advocacy for men and women.

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Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody & Visitation

Family law problems involving children can be unsettling for a parent. Our trial lawyers and legal team know how important your children are to you and we will get you the best results.

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CPS & Child Abuse Defense

CPS & Child Abuse Defense

Our family law and criminal defense experience fortifies our ability to analyze the evidence and the agency’s allegations. We aggressively represent parents accused of abuse.

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Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Cases

Whether you need rapid, effective legal representation to protect yourself and your family, or you are facing allegations of domestic violence contact us for a consultation.

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29+ Years of Experience

Gaining an advantage can make all the difference.

We are aggressive lawyers who take the time to provide a unique strategy that is based on local courtroom experience since 1989. Our substantial experience in local courtrooms throughout Southern California gives you the benefit of our knowledge in the local codes, local rules and tendencies of judges. Our skilled attorneys can assess your case by evaluating certain factors, including the attorney on the opposing side, the courtroom assigned to your case as well as allegations made against you. We leverage that strength to strategically and efficiently obtain results.

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  • Job well done!

    Job well done!

    “When I had the need to search for a Divorce Attorney I did my research. I looked at websites, called over a dozen, and met with four local lawyers. Richard K. Isles was my final choice. My first impression was correct – that he knew the steps to take in my divorce, and he actually listened to my concerns ( which was primarily the need for an amicable settlement). I did not want to disrupt the childrens’ lives beyond reason and needed to make the whole divorce ordeal as smooth as possible. This was exactly what I received. No regrets. Job well done!”

    Lesley Cunningham

  • The Office Saved Me a Lot of Money

    The Office Saved Me a Lot of Money

    “I was impressed by the three Family Law attorneys at this law office. In my opinion, they are all knowledgeable with the law and stay on top of the ever-changing and complex issues surrounding child custody and visitation law. They personally helped me with my custody issues related to my daughter. The office saved me a lot of money, but more importantly came up with a visitation schedule that I could live with, and that will benefit my daughter. Highly recommended.”

    K Smith

  • I have a Good Future to Look Forward to Because of You.

    I have a Good Future to Look Forward to Because of You.

    “Keeps House and 90% Custody. Without Richard K. Isles, this positive future outlook would have taken a much different turn. Thank you Richard K. Isles. From the bottom of my heart. I have a good future to look forward to because of you.”

    Francois Guay

  • Great divorce attorney; knows what they’re doing!

    Great divorce attorney; knows what they’re doing!

    “Very aggressive and knowledgeable. Every single court appearance and hearing was decided in my favor. Office staff was always very helpful and responsive to any issues that I brought up. I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone!”


  • Incredible Family Law Attorney

    Incredible Family Law Attorney

    “This is the third time I have used Mr. Isles to represent me in my child custody and family law matters. Mr. Isles has done an excellent job every single time. Mr. Isles did an excellent job of belittling opposing counsel; a high priced Orange County family law attorney and successfully got what is really needed in the best interest of my son and my family….”


  • Divorce Final – Freedom Papers in Hand

    Divorce Final – Freedom Papers in Hand

    “I chose Richard Isles after meeting him in person at his office. I can confidently say my case was finalized without any problems or delay. Was quoted the average retainer fee for divorce and custody. Each issue that was important to my future (custody and support payments) was handled and resolved against the ex’s lawyer smoothly and without delay. I actually came out of this with more than I hoped for….”


  • Only The Best

    Only The Best

    “If only the best is what you want, then you want Richard Isles. He is extremely intelligent, knows the law, knows all the right moves, knows the weaknesses of his opponent and yet has no visible weakness of his own…”


  • Absolutely Recommend!

    Absolutely Recommend!

    “I would like to say that the Law Offices of Richard Isles has been a tremendous help during this difficult time. They provided guidance through my entire divorce process. I was always able to get a hold of someone in the office whenever I had questions or concerns…”


  • Outstanding Law Office

    Outstanding Law Office

    “I was going through a separation/divorce and contacted the Law Office of Richard K. Isles. They were nothing but amazing. Very supportive in all matters and going through the court process as we know is very nerve racking but I was taken care of throughout all…”


  • Very Grateful

    Very Grateful

    “I am a young mother of a 2 year old, a student and I work as well, so the best thing for me was to hire an attorney to get the “whole process” of my divorce a bit easier and painless…”


  • Results and Resolution

    Results and Resolution

    “The Attorneys’ and Support staff in the Riverside, CA office work well with all clients. Even if the attorney is at court the support staff is able to assist and answer questions and/or concerns so no phone call is a waste of time…”


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